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GSP1600 Tri-Mode Handset

Mobile Phone

This tri-mode satellite phone works with Globalstar satellite, digital (CDMA), and North American analog (AMPS) networks.  The Globalstar tri-mode portable phone offers clear voice and short message services through three separate technologies, including Qualcomm's Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) digital technology and North American analog (AMPS) for cellular service, and Globalstar for satellite service. The phone is designed to extend communications to areas where cellular or land-line phones are inaccessible due to lack of coverage or incompatible cellular technologies. The built-in 9,600 baud modem can be cabled to a laptop or pda to provide data (email or internet) service. Made in USA with US and imported components.

Model: GSP 1600
Price: $649



Dimensions: 177(H) x 57(W) x 48(D) mm
Weight: 370 grams
Battery time Globalstar: 3.5 hour talk time, 9 hours standby
Battery time CDMA: 4.5 hours talk time, 72 hours standby
Battery time AMPS: 2.5 hours talk time, 14 hours standby
Display: 4 lines of 12 characters + 1 line of icons
Power source (battery): Polymer Lithium Ion battery
Modem: Uncompressed 9.6 Kbps packet data speeds (for email and internet service)


  • Satellite coverage.
  • Automatic mode select.
  • Compatibility with existing AMPS (analog) and CDMA 800 MHz (digital) cellular networks.
  • Superior digital voice quality.
  • Data (email and internet) capability.
  • Reliable service.

 Available Services

  • All CDMA, AMPS, and Globalstar services provided by the cellular and Globalstar service providers.

 Available Accessories

  • Hands-free car kit
  • North American wall charger
  • European wall charger
  • Universal travel charger
  • High capacity polymer lithium ion battery pack
  • Cigarette lighter adapter/charger
  • Protective leather case
  • Data kit
  • Waterproof Pelican Case