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Portable Car/Phone Kit

The Portable Car/Phone Kit includes the Globalstar Hands-Free Car Kit and the Privacy Hand Set packaged in a portable carry-bag.


Car kits include a satellite antenna as well as the hands free electronics box, microphone, cradle, speaker, fuse kit and power cable. The kit can be cabled to your laptop or pda for data sevice (email and internet access).


The car kit antenna is attached to the roof of your vehicle, and cabled to a cradle that holds the handset. The car kit allows you to make or receive calls while driving. The rooftop antenna keeps the satellites in direct sight for Globalstar satellite calls.


This kit enables you to use the Qualcomm GSP 1600 easily inside a vehicle, hands-free. Built-in microphone and speaker allow both parties to talk simultaneously. The kit includes the phone cradle and mounting hardware.

Car kit features include:

  • Portable phone battery charges while phone is in cradle
  • Optional Handset/Headset
  • Roof-mounted, high gain Globalstar satellite antenna

Hands Free Car Kit

  • Remote Antenna

  • Gem Module (junction box)

  • Microphone and Speaker

  • Choice of either the Handset or Headset

Model: GCK 1410
MSRP: $849


Bag Phone Kit

  • Hands-Free Microphone

  • Hands-Free Speaker

  • Cradle that holds the phone

  • Privacy Handset or Privacy Headset and Headset Adapter

  • Outdoor Antenna

  • Globalstar Electronic Module (GEM)

  • Cables for connecting the car kit

Model: GCK 1410B 
MSRP: $1275