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Satellite Voice and Internet Access Coverage for Globalstar USA and Caribbean Customers

This map illustrates current and expected future roaming coverage available to Globalstar USA and Caribbean customers. Actual service availability may differ depending on gateway development, licensing and other factors. The areas covered by Globalstar service do not necessarily represent service availability for Globalstar USA customers. All service coverage areas outside Globalstar USA's current coverage area, as shown on the map above, are subject to Globalstar USA implementing roaming service with Globalstar Service Providers. Globalstar service is designed to be extremely reliable. However, because an area is shaded does not necessarily mean that there is complete satellite coverage. Maps illustrate expected Globalstar coverage. Globalstar service is a satellite radio technology subject to transmission limitations caused by service area limits, customer equipment use, topographic and other variable conditions. These maps are not drawn to scale. This map is subject to frequent update, and is current as of 8/7/2002. This map supercedes any previous versions.