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High Capacity Lithium Ion Polymer Battery Pack

High capacity lithium ion rechargeable battery. An additional battery pack as a replacement for an old battery can be ordered, or used as a backup battery while a battery is being recharged.

Battery Capacity
Talk Time: 4 hours (CDMA), 2.5 hours (AMPS), 3.5 hours (Satellite)
Standby Time: 72 hours (CDMA), 14 hours (AMPS), 9 hours (Satellite)

Note: Only use QUALCOMM battery packs in the Tri-Mode phone.

Model: GPB-1650
MSRP: $145


Satellite Data Kit

A three foot (1 meter) data cable connects the phone directly to an IBM-compatible computer (RS232-compatible serial port). This allows the user to take advantage of various Globalstar data services (email and internet access). The kit includes a data cable, Quick Start card, and a CDROM containing user manuals and software.

Model: GDC-1100
MSRP: $70


Cigarette Lighter Adapter

The cigarette lighter adapter lets a user operate or charge a phone from any 12 volt DC power source. The adapter supports both U.S. and European vehicles. To use the cigarette lighter adapter in a European vehicle, place the plastic converter sleeve onto the adapter. The converter sleeve is included with the European adapter.

When plugged into the cigarette lighter, the adapter supplies power to the phone with or without a battery. If a battery is attached to the phone, the adapter will also supply power for fast charging the battery.

A lit green light on the adapter indicates that the unit is plugged in properly.

Model: CLA-1600
MSRP: $50


Universal Travel Charger

The universal travel charger (UTC) is used for charging the lithium ion rechargeable battery pack. It can charge a battery attached to the phone while also charging a detached battery at the same time. There are two sets of lights on the charger:

  1. Single Green Light -- Indicates the unit is plugged in properly.

  2. The multicolored light indicates:

    • Solid Yellow -- Charging

    • Flashing Yellow -- Battery is temporarily not being charged because the phone is on and is drawing too much power

    • Solid Red -- No charging due to excessive temperature or undervoltage

    • Flashing Red -- No charging due to battery failure

    • Green -- Charging is complete

The UTC comes with three (3) plug types for converting the charger for use in different countries:

  • Europe
  • China/Australia
  • Hong Kong/United Kingdom

Note: Only use QUALCOMM battery packs in the UTC.

Model: GSP-1210
MSRP: $140


Protective Leather Case

A black protective leather case protects the phone from everyday wear and tear.

Model: GPC-100
MSRP: $30


Pelican Case

The Pelican Case provides safe, waterproof portability for your Globalstar Satellite Phone, as well as storage space for a Cigarette Lighter Adapter. Data Cable and Wall Charger. Comes in three colors: Black, Red, Yellow.

MSRP: $80