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Triad Racing Cruising Trimaran

Year Built: 1982

Builder: Freres (brothers) Le Jeloux, St. Philibert, Trinite sur Mer, Brittany, France

Model/Designer: Creative trimaran, Dick Newick design # 52

LOA: 42’

BOA: 28’6”

Draft: 2’ 3” with daggerboard & rudder up; 3’ 6” with rudder down; 8’ with daggerboard down maximum

Displacement: 8,000 lb – hull, rig, sails. 11,000 fully loaded for cruising.

Construction (general): Cold molded diagonally laminated epoxy/fir and mahogany plywood, laminated and solid fir frames (ribs) and stringers (longitudinals), external fiberglass skins over all exterior surfaces, laminated fixed wings (beams), assymetrical amas, carbon fiber wing mast, with stainless steel wire rigging; carbon box beam/laminated wood daggerboard for main hull; retractable (Bruce) foils in each ama.

See Spec Sheet for detailed information.