Meet Triad's Crew

    Over the years, Triad has been sailed by many able bodies, salty sailors from the Boston area. Here are some of her current and past crew members.

    Nick Bryan-Brown, a Manchester-by-the-Sea native, now residing in Mattapoisett, is the handicapped helmsman and tactician; while multiple sclerosis keeps him off the foredeck, his uncanny ability to "feel the wind" keeps Triad in the groove. He has sailed many miles with the likes of Phil Weld and Jack Petith, winning the 'Round Isle of Wight with Weld on Rogue Wave, and the 1982 Bermuda race with Petith aboard Naga.

    Daren Donovan, also a Gloucesterman, now a seasoned multihull sailor, also "daylights" as a real estate appraiser and consultant. He's the pit boss who runs the bridge deck, grinding five winches and tweaking twelve lines with varying degrees of urgency.

    Spencer Merz, 65+ years young, is a consulting engineer residing in Brookline who is long on multihull experience. He built the first multi ever chartered by Phillippe Poupon, which won the 1981 Two Star (double-handed transatlantic race). His invaluable expertise keeps Triad fit and fast especially when the weather gets dirty and the going gets tough.

    Norman Zalkind, a high-power criminal defense lawyer from Boston, delights in offshore passage making and has crewed on some long distance races, notably the 'Round Ireland Race, and the Marblehead/Halifax Race.

    Mike McAleenan, aspiring boat designer who has a Master's Mechanical Engineering at Boston University, is known for his endless energy, love of chocolate, and positive attitude. He currently lives in Maine with his wife.